A room full of beards: A quick update on the BES Macroecology SIG Annual Meeting

A couple of weeks ago, the BES Macroecology SIG held an annual meeting at the University of Sheffield. We had a brilliant turnout, with 53 macroecologists in attendance from 7 countries and 28 institutions. In case you missed it, here’s a really short overview of what went on.

Ethan White delivered a fantastic keynote lecture on “Evaluating a General Theory of Macroecology” and presented a talk on how to improve our computational skills for more reproducible research. In addition to the 20 shorter talks, on topics ranging from citizen science to epidemiological models, there were also longer workshop-style presentations on the value of museum specimens for macroecology by Shai Meiri, and the construction and use of phylogenies by Gavin Thomas. There was also plenty of time for group discussions, stimulated by a series of ‘provocations’. This turned out to be a popular format for debate, and hopefully our discussions will form the basis of a group manifesto and perhaps a publication.

The day after the annual meeting, we held a workshop on Spatial Analysis in R with the Computational Ecology Group. Delivered by Barry Rowlingson from Lancaster University, the workshop was extremely popular and provided an introduction to a number of helpful R functions and packages.

If you missed the meeting or workshop, or just want to recap on what happened, here are a few resources to get you going:

The BES Macroecology SIG will also be holding quite a few events at INTECOL in August so I hope to see some of you there!


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